Monday, 23 December 2013

Seasons Greetings...All the best for 2014!


Me juggling painting and parenting...this is not a staged photo!

Captain Matt sculpts the Sapper!

I am thrilled to say that after several months of negotiation and concept proposals and budget estimates, I have been chosen by the Hamilton City Council and the TOTI trust to Sculpt a 3.5 metre high public bronze sculpture of Sapper Moore-Jones. This will be my first full size statue/sculpture (1.5 life size on 2 metre high base)  I will begin this project in mid January, I will be keeping weekly update photos on this site. Thank you to everyone that believed in my concept, and supported me throughout all of the proposal process. Thank you friends and family and especially my partner Kim for enduring a fairly lean winter with me and our new baby, the 3 of us gambling that this project might actually be given to me, in spite of other impressive concept proposals by a formidable range on NZ sculptors. Matt

concept sketch of 'Line of Fire/ Sapper Moore-Jones' (original base, new base idea TBC)