Army Art

'Romero Patrol, (Afghanistan)' 2007, oil on canvas, 120x80cm

'The Handover' (Painting number two of seven, 'Unknown Warrior Series'), 2005, oil on canvas, 150x90cm

'The charge of the Otago mounted rifles,' 2010, oil on canvas, 200x150cm

'Kabul patrol,' 2007, oil on canvas, 140x90cm

'Mr Brown,' 2011, oil on canvas, 60x80cm

'Austin Deans Portrait,' 2010, oil on canvas, 120x80cm

'Brigadier Birch,' 2008, oil on canvas, 120x80cm

'Nomad Girls,' 2006, oil on wooden board, 60x80cm

'CS Gas Drills,' 2009, ink and water colour on paper, 42x60cm

Captain Matt Gauldie at Canterbury Museum, 'Within the Ranks' Exhibition with 'Chopper over Tilamar, East Timor,' 2009, oil and aluminium on board, 100x140cm

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  1. Matt Gauldie, you are such a talented artist, and you captured my Dad's face brilliantly, (Far Right, in Chopper over Tilamar, East Timor,). A print stands proudly in our living room, and we have had a lot of people comment on it. Thank You.