With General Jones, Chief of Defence Force, Hon Wayne Mapp, Fromer Minister of Defence, Hon Bob Parker, Mayor of Christchurch, At the Opening of 'Within the Ranks' Army Art Exhibition, Canterbury Museum, 2010. The Painting 'Earthquake Patrol' was presented here to the city of Christchurch from NZDF. It depicts a young soldier in the rubble of the September Earthquake in Christchurch. Ironically this exhibition would be closed by the tragic Feb 22 Earthquake, in which the museum sustained serious damage, just 3 and a half months after this photograph was taken. 

With friend and former WW2 Army Artist, Austen Deans and my Portrait of him. At the Opening of 'Within the Ranks' Army Art retrospective exhibition at Canterbury Museum, Christchurch 2010 (Austen Deans was a great inspiration to me, He was an Army Artist and highly accomplished landscape artist, and a hell of a nice guy, who found time to support my Army Art career. He will be missed. Farewell.

With NZ Prime Minister, Hon John Key and The RNZRSA 'Anzac of the Year Award' trophy

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