The Line Of Fire

Unveiled Friday 27th March 2015

A commemorative artwork for the people of Hamilton, portraying Sapper Moore-Jones. In 2013 Gauldie was commissioned by the Hamilton City Council and the TOTI trust to create a 3.5 meter high public bronze sculpture of Sapper Moore-Jones. Traveling to Anzac Cove to sketch and gain insight into the life and conditions Moore-Jones worked under during the Great War, the piece created depicts Moore-Jones surveying his line of sight while sketching an exposed ridge at the cove. 


This artwork is available for all to enjoy on Victoria Street, Hamilton.

In studio in production

Smaller works available

'A break in battle/ contemplation' 2013, bronze, 25x16x16
(prototype for 'Gallipoli soldiers limited edition series')
For Sale... NZ$1800

'Charge' 2013, bronze on wood/or bronze base, 28x12x18cm
(prototype for 'Gallipoli soldiers limited edition series')
 For sale...NZ$1800

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  1. well done they look really cool, thank you for letting us know about you at school. :)